At Magnolia Manor Farm we are committed to operating a fair and honest business. Our staff is especially talented at finding the right horse for the right person. We have a variety of quality hunter/jumper horses available for sale or lease to the novice and experienced rider. If we don't have the exact horse that you need, we can tap into our vast network of American trainers as well as our European contacts.


Move over family dog. There's a new domestic pet in the yard! Miniature horses are coming on strong as the pet of the future.

Born with a healthy dose of unconditional love, these miniature bundles of joy are off-the-charts on the "cuteness" scale.

With as little as a 6'x10' shelter from the elements and a little space to run around, these beauties thrive as the family pet in even the smallest of yards.

There is competition for children and adults in events such as jumping, driving, obstacles, and a "liberty" class, in which horses are turned loose in a ring to perform to music. We breed American miniature horses for performance and temperament with color and conformation as a bonus!

We also breed miniature goats, miniature pot-bellied pigs and Australian Shepherds. We show and train our minis and help to advance the mini breed by sharing these wonderful horses with elementary schools, girl scout troops, summer camps and Childrens hospitals. Each foal is imprinted at birth and is given daily hands on attention. All of the miniature horses are on a worming program, have regular visits from the vet, farrier, equine dentist, and have their vaccinations.

  • "APRIL" is the Magnolia Manor Farm miniature horse brood mare. April is a 10-year old sorrel pony with a lovely disposition. She was foaled at Eureka Farms in Germantown TN.
  • "HAPPY" is the first Magnolia Manor Farm miniature filly offspring from April sired by Sonny, foaled on our farm in 2009.
  • "SONNY" is a Magnolia Manor Farm miniature gelding. Sonny is a 14-year old Palamino pony, and he is currently leased by the Jones Family in Germantown TN.
  • "TEDDY", show name Teddy Grahams, is the Magnolia Manor Farm miniature horse stud. Teddy is a 4-year old chestnut mini with excellent bloodlines. Teddy was foaled at Janice Kilpatrick's Farm in Collierville TN.

ANAKENA – Junior Hunter, Foaled 1999, Dark Brown Warmblood Mare. Contact Michael Tokaruk at 202-413-2303 if interested.

LANCELOT – 10 yr old Holsteiner bay, jumper, equitation/dressage horse. If interested please call Dana or Chuck Waters at Waterworks Farm - 412.418.6171

Congratulations and thank you to Dana and Chuck Waters of Waterworks Farm in Ocala Fl. And special thanks to Maggie Sarmiento and David Pelligrini of Springmill Farm for the introductions to Waterworks Farm.

CHARLIE BROWN – 16 year old, warmblood, jumper, color bay, previosly known as Margie Goldstein Engle's Speed Horse in the Grand Prix division. He is now a perfect school master for the high children's jumper division. Contact Michael Tokaruk at 202-413-2303 if interested.

POPSTAR – New Zealand/Australian Pony. 13.1/8 Bay Gelding. DOB January 1, 1999. USEF# 4790442 – 2010 Zone Champion Chidren's Hunter Pony

Contact Michael Tokaruk at 202-413-2303 if interested.

BLUE SUEDE SHOES is available for LEASE because owner can't bear to ever sell. Great opportunity for any child that wants to learn to horse show.


13.1½ hands Welsh Mare, drop dead gorgeous, Excellent first pony, lead changes, careful, sweet, she has always been a great teacher to any child that rides her.

Lovely manners, great hack, clips, ties, level headed, many year end awards, lots of show mileage. She knows tricks, she bows, smiles, etc. Lovely manners, great hack, clips, ties, level headed, many year end awards, lots of show mileage. Pat Pirelli training used by owner. Owner rides with halter and lead rope bareback. Very healthy and sound.


SNICKERDOODLES - 13 year old very small welsh cross gelding is available only for lease on our farm. This is Lauren Steiner's first pony and she says she will never sell him but she would love for someone to lease him. She is way too big to show him but she can ride him to assist with keeping him in training.

"Snickers" has endless energy. He loves attention. The more he is ridden the better the results in his training. He is very smart and he loves to play any pony games, trail ride, pony club, cross country etc. He is not a big fan of jumping over bright flowers but he is very brave crossing bridges and water. He doesn't need shoes and he has never had a sick call from a vet since we have owned him. He has been a lot of fun for Lauren and he taught her a lot about riding.

She's taken him to Kentucky for pony club rally and Shelby farms to trail ride and numerous schooling shows. Sometimes he will have a lead change, if you ask for it. If you step out over the jump he will land on the correct lead. If you ask him to jump too high or to take a jump that is too scary he may try to pull up. He doesn't like to be too close to other horses, he has an inferiority complex about his short stature. We put a bow on his tail at horse shows so that other horses give him his space.


STARBUCKS - 8 year old 14.2 hands, permanent large pony card. Gelding, paint. Available for lease only. Beautiful, personable.

Biggest issue - can be lazy. He is currently out of training and very unfit, maybe a wee bit over nourished. He needs a devoted rider to get him in shape and to help him reach his potential.

He enjoys trail rides, fox hunts, hack winner, eligible green, good with other horses, hack winner at schooling shows. Needs training for the hunter ring over fences. Learning lead changes, they seem to be there when asked.



Magnolia Manor Farm is proud to introduce our new property supervisor. We named her Chloe, and she is our drop-dead gorgeous 3-year old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd.

Chloe has been imprinted, and a lovely disposition has been cultivated and nurtured. She has award-winning conformation, and she is a winner in the dog agility excercises. She is mature and ready for breeding. We are currently taking pre-orders for her AKC registered puppies.

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